Poland, Warszawa
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Lucas, thank you for having me! You are the center of my soul and my thoughts))) Thank you for your support and congratulations) You know what you mean to me! And I know that you know that I am more than you know))) You are an unreal depth of soul, and I am grateful that you share this depth with me, this is important for me .....
Lucas you are very good person.
you are special to me!
FOREVER ...........
Lukas, I want to thank you very much just for the fact that you are in my life, for the fact that with every day we have lived you make it more amazing, brighter and more interesting. There are practically no such people like you, and it's a great happiness to have in your environment such a sympathetic, kind, understanding and sensitive person.Thank you for your help, your infinite faith in me and in all my endeavors.
Thank you for your patience and support in those difficult moments when I literally lacked the air of emotion, but with you, we all managed to overcome it. I, with all my sincerity, want to thank you for everything that you do for me. You teach me to see good where it can not be a priori. You give me faith when I start to doubt myself, and support when I most need it. Thank you for you.
Thank you for keeping up with all my emotional outbursts that you try to laugh when I'm sad, and that you always teach me something new, thereby opening up new facets of the world. Thank you for not giving up and fighting for me, emphasizing my importance and uniqueness. From the bottom of my heart I want to express my gratitude for everything. You are a wonderful person and let everything be fine in your life.
A big, clean "thank you"
I speak with sincerity
For help and understanding
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Good is always good,
All our feelings are boomerang.
The desire of the heart will be transmitted
In deeds, not in words.

After all, our lives are sometimes cruel,
And it is very important to guess
The one who really feels bad,
To help give the hand.
Lucas is a real friend))))))).....thank you very much:*